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Artificial Intelligence that's all yours.

Generic AI that can't tell you from anyone else will only get you so far. Pathaka is building the next phase of AI to ensure you have AI that is fully personalised and owned by you. It is artificial intelligence that understands your history, preferences and needs, making it so much easier to search the internet, control your finances, handle your inbox and much more. 

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Personalised AI in under a minute

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Personalising your AI is super fast. How?  We help you take your data back from your Google then using a generic open source model, we create your very own AI model.

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Our Mission

At Pathaka, our mission is to ensure everyone owns and controls their personal AI because we don't want just a handful of multinationals in control of artificial intelligence. We will take the best of Open Source AI and make sure it is distributed as widely around the world as possible in as autonomous and privacy preserving way as current technology allows. 

We are proud practitioners of Web3 values; decentralised, non-rent seeking, interoperable.

Our Technology

Pathaka harnesses open source, foundational models like Mixtral and combines that with a secure data vault. Utilising the latest RAG methods to create information rich  interactions your AI evolves with your data, ensuring a personalised experience across tasks, discovery and generation.

Our Features

Right out of the box, Pathaka's personalised AI-can not only do what the best AI model out there can do but it can write exactly in your style, remind you of recurring events, search the web knowing exactly what you're looking for and deliver personalized recommendations for activities and purchases. 

Our Expertise

Our team expertise lies in over a decade working in the self-soverign open data movement, two decades of app building and architecting consumer AI 

Our Commitment

Ensuring privacy, autonomy, and access to advanced AI for a personalized, secure, and universally accessible enhanced digital experience.

At Pathaka, we're committed to making your digital life smarter, more personalized, and secure. Sign up today to experience the power of our cutting-edge AI and secure data vault.

Our Affiliate Partners

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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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